Professor Conrad, aka Marvin Niebuhr

The Adventures of MARCOS THE WISE

A New photo illustrated children/adult book by Marvin Niebuhr
Marcos Caliente is a jalapeno pepper who is called Marcos the Wise because he stands up to his enemy, Phatkat, and the greedy growers of Phlamco who want the whole world to eat test tube food. How does Marcos defeat those who want to put him under the ground? Well, you must remember that once upon a dream Marcos was a tiny little sprout in the earth. No stranger to the natural soil of life, he likes it there better than anywhere else. But it's as he says, "Those who wish to bury me should remember that I come from the earth and the powers of the earth reside within me forever." Follow the adventures of Marcos Caliente, the clever jalapeno pepper who makes the world a better place for all to live and grow wise just like him.

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MicroBio - Marvin Niebuhr
Marvin Niebuhr a.k.a. Professor Conrad of Lubbock TX, is a retired performance artist creating musical sculpture and fine art pieces in mixed medias. His musical works have been featured at events such as MakerFaire, Dorkbot, SxSW, The Robot Group, and local Austin TX area venues such as the Scoot in, Scholts Beer Garten and Jack Mountain Outpost. His sculptures have appeared at LewAllen and LewAllen, and Barbara Bowles Fine Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico and he has been an artistic advisor for Smith Creek Movie Studios in the Texas Hill Country. He holds a BFA from Bradley University, a M.A. from New Mexico Highlands University and taught three dimensional art at the University of Texas-Rio Grand Valley.

He may be contacted via EMail at